The unique jewelry in this collection is made in my home workshop located in the historic district of a small New England village. As an established family business, we have been selling our work at juried craft fairs and in retail galleries and fine gift shops across the country since 1980. In addition, we are juried members of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and have exhibited at the League's Craftsmen's Fair in Sunapee, NH annually.


Each piece is carefully hand-wrought in precious metals of 14k gold, sterling silver, gold overlay or 14k gold over sterling by using the traditional, centuries-old methods of the metalsmithing trade.  The metals are forged, chased or peened, then polished to a high shine; many are embellished with luminous precious and semi-precious stones and lustrous freshwater pearls.

Designs range from simple and classic to contemporary and whimsical.  Cast pieces, (using the "lost-wax" process,) are inspired by the seasons of nature -- from the delicate petals of a summer garden to the ephemeral beauty of an individual snowflake.  Constructed pieces evolve from simple and natural patterns found everywhere -- from shells in the sea to molecular patterns in the world of an atom.


As a result, each piece reflects subtleties that make it timeless, unique, and as special as the woman who wears it.  In fact, more people across the country are wearing Thomas Kuhner jewelry than ever before.  We invite you to join them.



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