What Does "Gold-Overlay" Mean?

"Gold-Overlay" is a heavy layer of 14K gold permanently bonded over brass. It should last a lifetime.

What Is "Vermeil"?

"Vermeil" is a heavy layer of 14K gold permanently bonded over sterling silver. It also should last a lifetime.

How Do I Clean My Vermeil And/Or Gold-Overlay Jewelry?

You can clean your vermeil and/or gold-overlay jewelry just as you'd clean your 14K gold jewelry: in an ultrasonic cleaner, in any standard jewelry cleaner "dip", or with a rouge-cloth. If your jewelry has pearls or other soft stones such as lapis, however, be careful to use a solution that is marked "safe for pearls."

Will Your Sterling Silver Tarnish?

Our sterling silver is pure, 925 silver and is not chemically treated, therefore it will tarnish somewhat if not worn for a while. When you're not wearing your silver jewelry, store it in a sealed plastic bag, jewelry box or jewelry roll (preferably one that is lined with pacific cloth). However, the best way to keep your silver jewelry clean is to wear it and enjoy!

What's The Best Way To Clean Sterling Silver?

We recommend using a dip such as Tarn-X for all silver jewelry without soft stones (i.e. pearls, lapis or malachite). Please follow the directions closely and dip for 10 - 15 seconds only! For silver jewelry with soft stones, we recommend using a rouge or pacific cloth. 

My Ears Are Sensitive. Will I Be Allergic To Your Earrings?

Our earrings are safely worn by most people, and the wires are sterling silver, gold-overlay, vermeil or 14K gold, depending on the metal of the earring purchased.  If you can wear any of these metals safely you should have no problem wearing our earrings.  If you are allergic to nickel, however, you should avoid wearing vermeil.

I've Lost One Earring From A Pair Made By You. Can You Replace It?

Gladly!  Just send the single earring to us so that we can match it. We'll then charge you for the one earring + shipping.

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